Listen to an interview with David Scales after winning the 2015 Icons of Foam shape off.

Roger Hinds

Roger Hinds shaping career has spawned four decades and encompassed the multi-faceted evolution of the short board. From his early days of stripped down long boards during the transition era, to refining his skills under the tutelage of the likes of Ed Angulo, Jeff Edwards and Kent Smith. 70’s North Shore soul with Country Surfboards and Lightning Bolt and team riders spanning the era’s and all disciplines from Jock Sutherland and Mike Armstrong to Long board World Champions Rusty Keaulana and Taylor Jensen. Production shaping for the likes of Blue Hawaii, Russ K, Harbour, Hobie and Weber, as well as head shaper for Bear USA. His attention to detail has lead to some of the most popular plugs for Clark Foam and US Blanks. He won of The Icons of Foam shape-off back to back in 2014 & 2015 at The Boardroom Show first honoring Ben Aipa then Rusty Preisendorfer. He came in second at the Ultimate Craftsman Project at the same show losing by only one tenth of a point. That same detail is reflected in start to finish shape, glass, color and polish of impeccable quality. Roger Hinds lives the art of surfboard construction.

Bio by Randy Rarick

Roger's credentials speak for themselves, as the only shaper to be invited to display his talents in two different Billabong "Art of Shaping" events.  Behold the list of esteemed shapers that Roger Hinds shares the world stage with.

Billabong Art of Shaping - 
"Hawaii Edition" | ASR Trade Show
September 4th-6th, 2008

  1. Dick Brewer
  2. Jeff Bushman
  3. John Carper
  4. Keone Downing
  5. Greg Griffin
  6. Roger Hinds
  7. Harold Iggy
  8. Barry Kanaiaupuni
  9. Gerry Lopez
  10. Glenn Minami
  11. Steve Morgan
  12. Dennis Pang
  13. Glenn Pang
  14. Tom Parrish
  15. Pat Rawson
  16. Charlie Smith
  17. Wade Tokoro

Billabong Art of Shaping -
"Orange County Edition"” | ASR Trade Show
August 13th,  2010

  1. Robert August
  2. Matt Biolos
  3. Steve Boehne
  4. Bob “The Greek” Bolen
  5. Lance Collins
  6. Richard Harbour
  7. Roger Hinds
  8. Bob Hurley
  9. Bruce Jones
  10. Jeff “Doc” Lausch
  11. Terry Martin
  12. Mickey Munoz
  13. Timmy Patterson
  14. Ed Sakal
  15. Peter Schroff
  16. Terry Senate
  17. Cole Simler
  18. Tim Stamps
  19. Bill Stewart
  20. Shawn Stussy
  21. Jeff Timpone
  22. Barry Vandermeulen

This is the very first plug ever made for US Blanks. I was asked to help build a solid design to get them going with production.